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I'm Wambugi

The vegan head behind this gorgeous site & scrumptious images... I was born & raised in Nairobi Kenya where I have set up shop. However, in our global era, you may find me stuck in Cairo admiring the pyramids, getting my Tango on in Buenos Aires or making pasta & confetti in Sulmona (Italy...).

I have been fortunate enough to have set foot in all 7 continents

Being a Cabin Attendant for a top class airline for years, (should have been a travel photographer right?-dont know what happened there) - I acquired a Global palette which I bring forth through my photography + recipe development. My experience working as a 1st class crew enables me provide a world class stellar service & seamless Customer Experience to my clients. I love dogs, fresh flowers, can never decide which is the better one between hummus & guacamole + you guessed it, I'm a sucker for documenting good food esp when combined with great (mind) travel.

Meet me, the Creative Founder behind all this visual yumminess…

Head shot of Wambugi smiling with eyes closed sitted in a cafe
Wambugi Photography submarket watermark logo

…just a throwback picture of sun-kissed me.

Wambugi profile picture

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